From our first contact we will treat you as friends. We want to know what brought you two together.  What you are about. And all your wedding details! This is why we invite you to meet us. We can talk about your wedding, tell you everything there is to know about photography, and answer any questions you may have about us, wedding planning, or even marriage!

the first shoot.

One of our favorite times with you is your engagement session. We treat this like a double date. You choose one of your favorite spots or we will choose one of ours, and we hang out as couples for about two hours. This is a time for you to get comfortable in front of the camera smiling, being silly or even maybe even kissing.

the big day.

On the wedding day our desire is to be with you every waking moment. Well...almost :) Although we are with you all day our intent is that you will rarely notice us. The best way for us to capture your day as it unfolds is for us to be almost invisible to you. When we do direct it is subtle and quick, so you can get back to enjoying your day. 

the day after.

Once you return from your honeymoon getaway we will reconnect with you to reminisce about the wedding and share with you the images that captured those unforgettable moments of the beginning of your new family.