why we do this
why us

'come to the edge' he said
'we are afraid' they said
'come to the edge' he said
they came.
he pushed them...and they flew!
- guillaume apollinaire

photo by kenny kim

why we do this.

As Kimberly and I were pondering leaving my full time job of 10 years and embarking on the risky proposition of doing photography full time, one of our closest friends quoted this to us. This amongst other signs confirmed our desire to jump off the edge and into the open unknown.

Like you we have dreams, like you we have visions of what our lives could be, and like you we want to see them come to reality. So this continuation of our journey takes an interesting turn into what we believe moves us closer to our hearts desire.

We love what we do. We love the opportunity we have to meet excited couples in-love! What an honor we have to document with our own unique perspective the beginning of their families. We are able to document and freeze moments which none of us ever want to end.

We also love the freedom this gives us. Freedom to pick and choose what we do and where we do it. Freedom to respond to whatever needs come before us. Kimberly and I have a love relationship with the third world. We have both experienced it and long to be in contact with it, pour our lives into it and do our little bit to touch lives there. We are excited to connect with people in places like Haiti, Kenya, India, Ecuador and many more. We look forward to taking you, our friends and family, into these places via our photography and our experiences.

And so we move forward with a reborn tenacity for making the work of our hands on this earth matter and a reborn compassion for helping others in need.

why we do this